The Newhouse Approach to Building a High Performance Company

With the rapid pace of competition and global change, corporations must continually renew and transform themselves throughout their lifecycle. Newhouse, through an integrated, multi-disciplined strategy, assists companies in transitioning to the next level of growth.

The Corporate Challenge

The timely recognition of dynamic organization change and the initiation of the appropriate strategies and actions to maintain and increase profitability.

10 Key Questions for the Executive Team

  • Is your financial performance less than what is expected?
  • Is the direction of the company clearly understood by all stakeholders?
  • Are the company's current strategies working?
  • What strategic issues need to be addressed?
  • Do customers and employees understand the company's value stream?
  • Is the company responding to market and customer demands and needs?
  • Does the company have a culture of discipline and performance?
  • Is management executing well? Are they leaders, not mere managers?
  • What is the depth of technical and people skill of management and staff?
  • Does the company have the right people in the right place doing the right things?

Newhouse Partners provides a team of skilled professionals to address issues of finance, human capital, marketing & sales, operations, and technology.


Florian Meyer MBA, CPA, CA - Managing Partner

Shayne Tracy PhD, CMC, OCC - Managing Partner

We Provide Comprehensive Solutions

  • Organization Diagnostics, Assessment and Design
  • Executive Assessment and Coaching
  • Transition from Life Style Businesses To Valued Corporations
  • Financial Modeling and Oversight
  • Talent Management
  • Sales and Marketing Strategy
  • Sale of the Corporation
  • Management Led Restructuring/Reorganization
  • Mandated Restructuring Prior to Insolvency