Corporate Review, restructure and coaching for a public bio-tech company. NHP conducted a systematic review of corporate functions and positions and redesigned the organization chart, implemented position descriptions, performance review and training and coached Executives and managers in new roles. Upon sale of the company NHP assisted in outplacement and career coaching.

Legal Practice Management Software

Assisted a technology start-up in defining their value proposition in selling web-based wireless practice management solution to criminal lawyers. Provided training in the F.I.N.D. sales interview process. Attended with the sales person on sales calls and provided feedback on sales effectiveness. Consulted on the development of marketing and sales materials for tele-marketing and sales presentations.


Assisted a family owned marina to define an exit strategy for the business. Sourced a qualified Sales Manager/potential purchaser who would eventually buy out the owner over a 3 year period. Negotiated the employment contract. Assisting in ongoing integration issues between the parties.

Technology Services Provider

Corrected Fraudulent Reporting. Fraudulent recording of financial transactions had lead to an inability to produce financial results. Actions included correcting financial records/statements and implementing new accounting/financial practices. This made the way for a round of much needed funding as well as tax refunds from both Federal and Provincial Governments.


Doubled Selling Price. Our client, an automotive aftermarket parts manufacturer, was unable to attain perceived value on liquidation. Optimizing financial performance and adjusting the company's market focus lead to the sale of the organization with a selling price that doubled previous offers.

Basement Systems

Strategic Change. Assisted this start up in changing it's workforce strategy to a team based approach with Team Leaders and Members as opposed to the traditional Foreman and Installers. Recruited qualified, skilled basement technicians and sales people and consulted on attendant human resources issues. Providing ongoing training in teamwork, communication and conflict management, leadership, customer service, quality, performance management and incentive based compensation and Owner/Operator coaching. Reviewed financing strategy and made introductions for additional financing. Restructured accounting processes to accurately reflect the company's business model. Inserted a part time Controller to manage month and year ends. The company solves water leakage problems in block and poured concrete foundations from "inside" the basement providing cost savings and additional healthy work and living environments for customers that previously was unusable damp or wet space. They also refurbish crawl spaces by eliminating moisture, moulds and animal/insect life with a Cleanspace™ application.

Light Manufacturing

Enhanced Financial Performance. Management resources had spread too thin without a focused business strategy. The company required a refined and clearly understood client value proposition. The revitalization process included implementing a performance/compensation management system, hiring key support employees, and terminating non-performers. Today the company is significantly more profitable and more responsive to its target market.

Software Solutions

Financial Management. Provided CFO presence and financial advisory in the wind down of software services company. Collected a substantial outstanding receivable.

Internet Protocol Services

Market-Driven Focus Established. This client company had hit the wall. Despite groundbreaking technology, sales were non-existent. Being technology-driven (rather than market-driven) had alienated them from market realities and client needs. Going back to first principles resulted in refining a target market and restructuring the technical platform to address client needs. Today the company continues to redevelop its product offering and is attracting much-needed clients.


Financial Reporting. Acting as CFO managed the financial reporting for this publicly traded company.

Software Development

Reduced Debt by $1.9M. Chronic cash flow shortages crippled our client. An outdated marketing strategy and operations processes that did not support the business model were found to be the root source of the problems. We restructured and reduced creditor debt by $1.9M, rationalized/coached the management team, and refocused marketing and operations strategies. This resulted in the first new product upgrade in four years, eight new clients in eight months after a two-year drought and a new product development initiative within an emerging market segment.

Light Manufacturing

Management Capability Assessment. At the request of the investor,reviewed and assessed the capabilities of the management team using a combination of team building exercises, Trimetrix assessment and targeted interviews to report capability and talent requirements to the new CEO and General Manager.New talent was added to finance and manufacturing.

Disaster Recovery

Contract Finance Department. Provided a number of temporary accounting staff members to allow new owners to take over the responsibility for the financials of the company.

Interactive Media

Fund Raising. Created financial models and acted as financial advisor to the company for second round financing.

Industrial Equipment

Right-Sized for Economic Conditions. Inflated growth in the mid-nineties lead to a company size not supportable by today's market. Problems included ineffective management, over-hiring of family and friends, and roles/responsibilities that were confused with ownership. This company required rationalization of the management team and operations, which resulted in closing two plants. New processes and controls were implemented in HR, finance, and production. The transformation lead to a company that has been right-sized for the current economic conditions with increased employee productivity and renegotiated union contracts.

Design Build Construction

Insolvency. Through aggressive collection and repayment plans rescued a 110 million dollar company after it had been declared insolvent under CCAA by the trustee. Protected the principal from further litigation.

Family Retail Distribution Business

Restructuring and Organization. Restructured and revitalized a family national retail distribution business which was in decline due to new competitors, margin erosion and management malaise. Implemented through the newly appointed CEO, “Transitions-Good to Great” an internally branded strategic alignment process to increase performance and productivity at all levels in the company. Implemented a “Balanced Score Card”. Replaced ineffective managers including family members and brought about cooperation and coordination of effort among departments and stores. Developed a series of financial models that provided alternative P&Ls for the business. Positioned a human resources manager to implement HR best practices. Provided needs based training in leadership, goal setting, process mapping, project management, performance management and customer service, strategic selling. Contracted for ongoing coaching/career support for key executives and a second round of downsizing. Increased sales by 25% with the right talent in place, operations rationalized,integrated sales and marketing and focused financial controls.

Construction Partnership

Business Buyout. Facilitated the negotiations and purchase of share ownership for one of two longstanding partners in a construction company. Through a unique assessment and review process the transaction occurred with minimal acrimony or conflict.

Mobile Communications

Company Sale. Assisted in reduction of the workforce to align with corporate restructuring for the eventual sale of the company. Upgraded marketing plan and collaterals. Provided interim Controller to assess and implement accurate financial systems and processes and develop accounting procedures suitable for due diligence.

Insurance Company

Executive Assessment. Reviewed and assessed the capabilities of the six member executive management team at the request of the investor. Used the Trimetrix online tools and interviews. Facilitated the positive departure of the son of the CEO and provided follow on career coaching for him using the Pathfinder Career System.

Aircraft Parts

Recruitment and Hiring. Implemented the Trimetrix Assessment System for recruitment and hiring. providing ongoing support and advisory to ensure defined positions match applicants. Improved the selection process with less reliance on costly recruiters. Using the Pathfinder Career System assisted redundant employees in career orientation and management.

Learning Corporations

Merger. Assisted as a member of the Integration Team in the merger of the two largest publicly traded learning corporations in Canada. Involved in communications, strategic planning, human resources rationalization and organization design. Paved the way for a new CEO to drive shareholder value.

Wind Farm

Financial Advisory and Intermediary. Provide financial advisory and acting as intermediary to bring about cooperation and coordination of effort for an Irish-Canadian joint venture in the development of wind farms in western Canada.

Public Employee Pension Fund

Leadership Development. Provided a customized one year leadership training and development program for senior managers. The program utilized classroom, online support activities and one on one coaching. Resulted in stronger management team communicating and working together more effectively to achieve the organization’s goals. Individual benefits reported include greater awareness of self and others, higher levels of interpersonal confidence, improved personal effectiveness, efficiency and the improved capability to lead others.

Environmental Services and Products

Financial Advisory. Assisted a financed start-up to define their strategic plan, develop product positioning, and assess resource requirements. Provided recruitment and hiring assistance, coaching, sales and management training. Created a viable financial model and acted as CFO in the financial management of the company. Installed a part-time Controller to manage the finances of the business on a monthly basis.

Steel Import

Financial advisory. Provided CFO presence and provided financial and operational support for a start up Canadian company importing steel from China.