Talent Management

Newhouse Partners provides Human Capital and Organizational Development Services to organizations to improve productivity and performance of their human capital and to focus people on contributing to corporate profitability within a viable organization structure.


1) Human Resources Audit, Consultation, Coaching, Training, E-learning

  • Review of existing human resources, written policy and procedures
  • Recommendations on human resources processes, productivity, personnel, performance, training, labour relations and compensation
  • Consultation, coaching and training on Human Resources matters in performance, termination, conflict resolution and career/position orientation
  • Human Resources Information Technologies for managing employee information and Human Resources functions

2) Strategic Planning

  • Process consultation and facilitation to identify corporate, departmental or annual strategic plans to improve organization effectiveness, coordination of effort and teamwork, action planning, performance and profitability.

3) Executive Management Change and Restructuring Process

  • Process consultation and coaching on senior management structure, position functions, efficiencies, effectiveness and performance of the management team members and team performance
  • Corporate restructuring of roles, responsibilities and positions
  • Themed strategic restructuring- Example: Transitions-Good to Great

4) Organization and Management Assessment

  • Web assisted assessment of behaviour, attitudes and skill, organization surveys
  • 360 Degree Performance Feedback Program
  • Custom design of attitude and other survey and assessment tools
  • Training needs assessment
  • Trimetrix position benchmarking

5) Recruitment and Selection

  • Assistance in job analysis, position benchmarking and job descriptions
  • Search, selection and orientation
  • Design, implementation and train

6) Management Development Process/Teamworks Development Process

  • Performance earning/training (10 Modules) for managers and executives focusing on management skill/competency development coupled with on the job applications. Modules include self-management, interpersonal skills, performance management, communication, managing innovation and leadership

7) Leadership Engagement Process-Managing Self-Leading Others™

  • Performance learning/ training focusing on leading in the workplace. Emphasis is placed on 1-2 day workshops with experiential and workplace applications. The program has 4 Leadership themes: Self Awareness, Self Acceptance, Self Development and Self Affirmation