Transform90™: The Art and Science of Rebuilding/Repositioning/Revitalizing

Transform90™ is Newhouse Partners’ proprietary methodology for corporate rebuilding, repositioning and revitalization. It leverages over 50 years of combined experience in finance, talent management, marketing & sales, and operations & technology.

The methodology is divided into three stages:

  1. 0-30 Days, Diagnose: Use interviews, document reviews and online assessment tools to identify and develop a data base of finance, sales and marketing , operations and technology and human capital issues/challenges
  2. 30-60 Days, Plan: establish a coordinated, multi-disciplined strategic alignment plan built on collaboration and cooperation within the company
  3. 60-90+ Days, Rebuild, Reposition, Revitalize: implement the multi-disciplined program to align the organization and transition it to sustain greater performance, productivity and profitability


During the Transform90™ period online tools and processes enable multi-level communication and coordination of activities within the four pillars of the corporate business model: finance, human capital, marketing & sales, and operations & technology.

Benefits of the Transform90™ methodology:

  • developed upon the four pillars that contribute to superior stakeholder value
  • tested and proven in a wide variety of business sectors
  • reveals cost reduction and savings opportunities
  • supported by an on-line toolset for collaboration and performance assessment
  • transfers knowledge/skills to the company management team
  • accelerates the alignment and revitalization process
  • manages costs by leveraging company staff skills where appropriate
  • ensures the right talent is in the right place