Marketing & Sales

Newhouse Partners offers a full suite of services to support corporate marketing & sales programs. Newhouse Partners also act in an interim sales role executive level role.

Core Services

Business Strategy

Strategic sales and marketing alternatives are identified and assessed using predefined criteria. The outcome of the program is a management-endorsed strategic action plan for corporate growth/valuation enhancement.

Strategic Market Analysis

Market analysis develops product/segment marketing strategies to improve product margin and/or market share. It is closely related in approach to Business Strategy but narrows focus onto a specific product(s) or market segment(s) to drive marketing program implementation. The outcome of a Strategic Market Analysis is a management-endorsed, budgeted, tactical marketing plan.

Market Intelligence

This service begins with clearly defining current and potential competitive market space(s) and by gathering market intelligence in the defined space(s). A number or techniques are used to gather market size, market share, industry trends, and competitive intelligence (positioning, size, strategy, market share). Those techniques may include customer/suspect interviews, telephone surveys, electronic surveys, round table discussions, and print/electronic media research. The outcome of this program is up-to-date, comprehensive market intelligence and the development of company processes and tools to keep this information current.

Marketing Management

Marketing Management includes the development, implementation, and ongoing coordination of marketing programs to support business and product strategies. Budgets are clearly defined to support sales objectives. Marketing intelligence programs are implemented and managed on an ongoing basis. Communications programs may be implemented that include public relations initiatives and/or press releases. Marketing programs may include email/mail campaigns, print and electronic advertisement, website and trade shows.

Sales Leadership and Management

Sales Management is typically a short-term or part-time service provided to manage sales programs. It encompasses sales training, sales-team management, sales-team coaching, pipeline management, partner management, and business development. Sales management tools may be implemented where required. Sales plans will be created including sales compensation plans and individual sales targets. In some cases, cold-calling may be outsourced to third-party specialists. Sales channel development will also be pursued to leverage internal sales resources.

Support Services

  • e-commerce strategy and implementation
  • web site development, hosting, content management, and branding
  • permission-based email campaigns
  • digital photography
  • print and electronic media design and production
  • trade shows