I fully expected to have a major conflict when it came to buying out my partner. Things were headed in that direction. Newhouse Partners through a unique combination of people and finance management made the purchase much simpler and less acrimonious than it could have been.
Thanks for assisting me on the purchase of the remaining shareholder exactly one year later! President - Construction Company

Even after we were declared bankrupt, Newhouse assisted in collecting significant monies to pay down creditors.Former CEO

They demonstrated commitment, focus, and strategic thinking, while developing innovative solutions. Their recommendations were practical, well thought out, and coordinated their respective areas of expertise. They were able to operate ‘hands-on’ when required, but often coached our team and leveraged our resources to impart new processes and practices which we believe will strengthen our organization.Chief Operating Officer - Warehouse management system (WMS) developer

The strategic sales training provided by Newhouse was outstanding. It was practical. The tools they provided were integrated into our sales process.We will meet our stretch target of $5M as a result of using this program.President - Distribution Company

The Newhouse four pillar approach is like having access to an entire hospital, not just the emergency ward.Jerrard Gaertner - Co-author of Canadian Guide to Troubled Businesses and Bankruptcies

Newhouse takes a holistic view of the business…what a refreshing change. They understand the interrelationships within a business and as a result the solutions are more realistic. General Manager

In our turnaround situation with a manufacturing company, people were not in the right positions. In a number of cases people were not performing. We also had to close two facilities and downsize a third. The job was handled in a very professional and appropriate manner given the potential for conflict and legal challenges. In the end we had the talent in the right place, a streamlined company, and significant savings in overhead. Venture Capital Representative - Industrial Products Manufacturer

We appreciated the financial models developed for us as our business was growing. Their financial objectivity gave us a new perspective on financing and caused us to look at our initial assumptions more closely. As a result, I believe we made a better financial decision than we would have. CFO - Pharmaceutical Company

Our ability to grow the business had peaked. Newhouse helped us realize the strategic value of our products and services. Under his guidance, we were able to sell our business for a price that doubled our expectations. Co-Founder - Automotive Parts Manufacturer

We were challenged with high turnover, low productivity and weak performance that was affecting our bottom line. We were able with their help to recruit the right people, put in place a goal-based performance and compensation system and get qualified people in key positions. As a result of stability and focus, our customer service levels improved which added directly to our profitability. Vice President - Filter Manufacturer

Newhouse Partners assisted us in doing a senior management assessment and review to ensure we had the right people in the right positions as we expanded. The Trimetrix System was extremely accurate. That along with Newhouse’s in-depth interviews identified a need to change out two non-performing executives. The follow-up coaching saved us several thousand dollars in severances.Insurance Company

Newhouse Partners helped us in assisting us to structure our business through the development of a practical strategic plan, a well tuned budget and assistance in recruiting and hiring the right people. Our sales have doubled while keeping our expenses in line. Newhouse kept our feet to the fire.As a result we have the momentum, people and financial structure we need to expand across the country. General Manager - Environmental Products

I have been a marketing professional for 22 years. I've worked with the largest agencies and the world's largest company in senior marketing management positions. After I was severed from my last assignment I was fortunate to have Dr. Tracy manage my my career coaching/counselling. Dr. Tracy didn't just provide me with the highest levels of professional coaching; he also allowed me to find and confirm the truth about who I am and where I would excel even though it wasn't what I wanted to hear at the time, which was likely uncomfortable for him. The Pathfinder was the catalyst, the Trimetrix added incredible value combined with Dr. Tracy's process. He put my needs first. As a result I have created my own marketing communications company and have realized financial compensation I never thought possible, combined with a passion and career satisfaction that will meet my life goals. I owe all of this to Dr. Tracy because of his skill, process and truthfulllness. Executive Marketing Professional

Newhouse Partners has been instrumental in transforming our corporate culture into a dynamic, high performance Culture of Discipline. We are now equipped with the confidence, leaders and management processes required to make this this renewed organization profitable. Newhouse are highly skilled, resourceful professionals who brought a fresh approach to the strategic planning process through "Transitions-Good to Great" and the introduction of performance and productivity standards using a customized scorecard approach. President Retail Safety Chain