The Finance / CFO

Newhouse Partners provides Finance and CFO Services to organizations to improve their finance performance and optimize the use of all of the company’s resources. Services include Chief Restructuring Officer (CRO) and oversight of Trustee, collection, contract negotiations and merger and acquisition.


1) Strategic Financial Analysis and Advisory

  • Review the Financial and Operational Reports and interview Senior Management to understand where financial opportunities and economies of scale exist
  • Make recommendations to the Executives and suggest in what priority each of these opportunities should be addressed
  • Work with Management to commence the implementation of the improvements to the financial operation of the company

2) Cash Flow Management

  • Review the organizations operational cash flow
  • Update or redevelop the cash flow model
  • Review with the Executives, how to address the issues and what should be tackled first
  • Work with the organization and finance team to make improvements in process, procedures and systems

3) Strategic Corporate Planning

  • In conjunction with the Executives contribute financial expertise in the development of a comprehensive Strategic Plan.
  • Provide third party input to ensure that the financial assumptions are realistic and consistent with the plan

4) Financial Forecasting

  • With the knowledge that has been obtained and with additional input from Senior Management, develop a financial forecast. This will provide detailed and summary Financial Statements and Funding Requirements
  • Financial Modeling will replicate the detail of the budget and will forecast the company’s results out up to five years
  • The company will be coached for a detailed understanding of the Financial Model and will have the skill to use it as a variance analysis tool or periodic update.

5) Budgeting

  • Through the use of the existing financial information and input from the Executives and all department heads, will develop a comprehensive financial view of the next twelve months
  • The detailed budget view will show the results by: monthly, quarterly and annually
  • The budget will be supported by a detailed description of the key assumptions

6) Financial Reporting

  • Work with the Finance Department to ensure that accurate, comprehensive and timely reports are issued
  • Review the results with Senior Management and any and all department heads.
  • Ensure that the company managers understand the importance of these reports
  • Encourage the Managers to make positive proactive changes to the business to improve the future financial performance

7) Secure Additional Funding

  • Identify what sources of funding available to the company
  • Work with the company to arrange the most competitive funding
  • Funding may be sourced from government programs, debt funding, leasing and/or additional equity
  • SR&D tax credits

8) Alternative Funding - Business Reorganization

  • If the financial situation of the company is such that the best alternative is to renegotiate the credit terms and amounts with the secured and or unsecured creditors, we can work with company or lead it through this process
  • There are numerous avenues available; the one that is chosen is dependent on the company’s individual situation. We will work with you to determine which is the best avenue.
  • Act as financial Advisor on CCAA action

9) Provide part and full-time controller and other financial resources to strengthen finance strategy

10) Assist in the sale or purchase of a business as the lead third party in all aspects of this transaction